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29th Mar, 2011


Special days

Well, i have had my birthday and now it is Mother's day on Sunday. I love getting pressies...lol.
What has everyone been up to? I will be catching up on my friend pages once i have posted a couple of things on my LJ.

I have some time off work now so am going to enjoy it. Hopefully that means that i can come here a bit more often now. I am a workaholic, i can't help it.

BW xx

17th Mar, 2011


(no subject)

... i haven't been here for a while. Sometimes life just takes over and work has been busy.
I will be back by the weekend.

Still looking for new friends so if you can recommend me to anyone, go ahead,

Take care all and speak soon.

BW xxx


9th Mar, 2011


surprise me

I have been looking through the 'surprise me' button on LJ's home page a lot lately and finding new friends. It's a little annoying that there are so many Russian journals that come up, but i have seen some vey interesing journals and am awaiting them to add me back. It's a cool feature if you can get past the fact that you have to click it quite a lot to find an English-speaking journal, but still worth it.

Have you used the button yourself? Did you find some good friends there? What do you think of the feature?

I did see one which had quite explicit nude pictures on it..,. after a quick scroll down i did leave there quite quickly...lol.


Sex education for children

I can't believe how this country is starting to go really over the top.
First we are told how to feed our kids...  regardless if they are overweight or not... and now they want to take over how they are educated about sex.
I think that five years old is way too young to tell children the explicit details about sex. Yes, tell them about body parts etc, they ask them questions anyway. But to tell them about parents having sex and how they do it and what positions they may use is taking it way too far.
Look at this link if you don't know what i am talking about.


Soon the government will want to take over our kids completely, take away all of our responsibilities. Leave that part of my child's education to me please.
Leave us the fuck alone to bring up our children at a reasonable rate, not rushing them into things that can wait. Let them have a childhood for God's sake!!!

My son is 10 and we have discussed things like love, sex, gay relationships, body parts etc. only when he asks a question or when a situation arises and i think we should discuss something. Not when someone else decides it should be discussed or taught!

What are your thoughts on this?

No smoking day...

Today is no smoking day here in England.
Is anyone out there giving up today?

I have no intentions of giving up until i am ready myself.
I will not give up if i am told to, it is my decision and i will make my own mind up.
This country is becoming a nanny state and it stinks!!!


25th Feb, 2011



I am tired tonight. I worked last night and slept today. I did some chores, cooked dinner and watched some tv I am off to bed now. I will post tomorrow.

Night and sweet dreams all

BW xx

23rd Feb, 2011


A little job 4 you all...

I want to set myself a task as far as my photography goes. I use my mobile mostly now even though i have a digital camera. It's a 12 pixel camera on my phone so takes nice photos.
Anyway, what i want from my friends now are some suggestions of things to take a picture of. I want to do a 'photo for the day' suggested by my friends. This is to help me think of something to photo. I can never think of anything to photograph but with your suggestions i can set up a months 'photo of the day' once i have some suggestions. It can be anything like an animal, object, nature, just be realistic as i do live in a small rural town not a zoo or a big city lol.
So, it's over to you my friends. Just reply to this post please.

BW xx



 Just been outside for a smoke. It was so dark and quiet, then the wind started blowing. Kinda spookey but cool.



Welcome to my new friends. Thank you for adding me.
I am looking forward to getting to know you all and hope that you stick around to get to know me. I am not that bad really ;o)
I am sometimes a bit wierd, sometimes a bit of an emo and sometimes zany so i hope you enjoy the variation...lol.

Love BW XxX

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22nd Feb, 2011


finding friends

I have joined a community for finding friends, watch this space.

I am also using the "surprise me" button on the home page. Has anyone ever used that? I keep getting loads of Russian journals, nothing wrong with them except we wouldn't understand each other lol. I'll keep trying till i find English speaking journals. I hope i find some lovely friends really soon.

Speak soon

BW xxx


Off to bed...

............ it's taking too long to set this up. I forgot how much there was to do with a new account...lol.
I will try adding some new friends tomorrow.



My new journal

I have decided to make a new journal since i haven't used my other one in a while and most of my friends list have either changed their accounts or they have left LJ.
I will be finding all new friends now so not much point in me posting much until i find some friends to add. I am about to leave a message on add me over 40 community.

If you have just added me from there then Welcome and i hope we get to know each other and have lots of fun and communication.

Speak soon my friends.